「Let's T.A.L.K」Child Protection Campaign
Sexual Violence Information Website
Serving Hong Kong with Honour, Duty and Loyalty
2021年警隊最新宣傳片 - 守城
Official Launch of National Security Department Reporting Hotline
The End of Deception, Starts With You!
Launch of new Online Booking System
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (ADCC)
Junior Police Call - Youth Leaders Fight Crime Partners
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Press Release Press Release
OffBeat: Issue 1194 2021-10-15
Online applications for “Massage Establishments Licence” and “Pawnbrokers Licence” are now available 2021-09-24
Online application for “Application for a Temporary Liquor Licence” is now available 2021-05-31
OffBeat: Special Edition : 「認清事實—謠言謊話真不了」 (Chinese Version Only) 2021-03-03
Animal Watchers Programme 2021-03-01
(播出日期: 2021年2月8日至14日)
(Chinese Version Only)
OffBeat: Special Edition : 《守護動物篇 - 動人故事》(Chinese Version Only) 2021-01-27
Special Arrangement of Police Licensing Office from 2020-12-02 onwards 2020-12-01
香港警隊最新主題曲 - 捍衛香港 (Chinese Version Only) 2020-10-30
OffBeat: Special Edition (Chinese Version Only) 2020-09-30
Online application for “Application for a Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance Permit” is now available 2020-09-28
【A new environment, a new beginning • Relocation of the Ngau Tau Kok Police Station】 2020-09-21
Online application for “Playing Musical Instrument Permit in Public Street or Road” is now available 2020-06-12
Apply now and join the Hong Kong Police 2020-05-21
Stay Safe, Be Alert – Pamphlet of “Stay Vigilant to Bomb” 2020-04-23
Speech by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Management) Oscar Kwok Yam-shu at UN on March 9, 2020 2020-03-12
The Police Licensing Office has resumed its services on 2020-02-03 (Monday) 2020-02-03
Resumption of Services of the Traffic Conviction and Fixed Penalty Payment Citation Summary Office 2020-01-30
Special arrangement on Police recruitment activities and interviews between 2020-01-29 (Wednesday) and 2020-02-09 (Sunday)2020-01-28
Suspension of Siu Lek Yuen Reporting Centre service 2019-09-11
JPC & SPC Online Portal 2019-01-25
A New E-mail Domain Name for the Hong Kong Police Force 2018-12-10
Excellence in Police Training 2018-11-17
Madam's Classroom 2018-07-06
Mentally Incapacitated Person (MIP) New Package
Notification of Public Meeting / Notification of Public Procession
Protect Hong Kong Apply Now
Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (ADCC)
JPC & SPC Online Portal
STEP 2021 Selected Traffic Enforcement Priorities
Commissioner's Operational Priorities 2021
National Security Department Reporting Hotline
Interim Injunction Order of the High Court (HCA 1886/2019) - Disciplined Services Quarters and Police Married Quarters
Interim Injunction Order of the High Court (HCA 1957/2019) – Doxxing and Harassment against Police Officers, Special Constables and their Families
Interim Injunction Order of the High Court (High Court Intended Action 202/2019) - Promotion, Encouragement and Incitement of the Use or Threat of Violence via Internet-based Platform or Medium
Interim Injunction Order of the High Court (HCA 1847/2020) – Doxxing and Harassment against Judicial Officers and their Families
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