What’s New

Expansion of Scope

With effect from 1 April 2015, the scope of the SCRC Scheme will be expanded to cover contract renewal staff of private tutorial centres and private interest/activity institutions (e.g. swimming clubs, ball games clubs or piano/music centres) to allow the existing staff who are engaged in work relating to child or mentally incapacitated person (MIP) in these private institutions and who need to renew their contract to undergo SCRC.

Employers of these private institutions may, prior to renewing the employment contract of their existing staff, request the staff to undergo SCRC. Applications for the check should be submitted by the existing contract staff on a voluntary basis. To prevent abuse, applicants should bring along a documentary proof provided by the employer, so as to verify that the usual duties of his post involve work relating to children or MIPs.

Renewal Application

Also, with effect from 1 April 2015, applicants may renew their accounts within the last three months of the validity period of their check result. After renewal, the validity period will be extended for another 12 months counting from the original expiry date. Applicants or the persons authorised by the applicants will be able to access the check result using the original checking code during the renewed validity period.

For enquiry, please call SCRC hotline at 3660 7497 during office hours.