Officers commend first traffic forum

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A traffic police forum, organised by Traffic Branch Headquarters (TBHQ), was successfully held earlier with officers enthusiastically raising a host of issues ranging from promotion prospects to the image of traffic officers.

Some 120 officers ranging in rank from Inspector to Chief Superintendent attended the forum held at the Police Training School about a month ago.

Entitled "Traffic Policing in the 21st Century", the aim of the forum was "to examine morale in the branch and to look at ways to continually improve the ways in which it operates".

Guest speakers at the forum were Vice-Chairman of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Hong Kong, Dr Mong Hoi-keung, and Chief Executive Officer of Civic Exchange, Ms Christine Loh.

Assistant Commissioner Support, Mr Steve Chandler, who was present throughout the forum, was impressed with the openness displayed by the participants.

He hoped that in future similar functions could produce even better results with more open and frank presentations and discussions.

"The general consensus of opinion was that the forum was a success with feelings aired on a variety of subjects that were deemed to affect morale," Administration Bureau of TBHQ Senior Superintendent, Mr Paul Croft, said.

"These included recruitment into traffic, promotion prospects of officers, their professional image, uniform and accoutrements and traffic complaints.

"Very useful comments were made during and after the lively presentations on these subjects by the five traffic formations, and TBHQ has given an assurance that suggestions made will be acted upon," he added. Mr Croft said that another similar forum was being considered for the first half of next year.

Lively exchange at traffic forum

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